About Us

RewardSurvey is a dynamic approach to surveys that yields actionable results. RewardSurvey uses incentives to increase the response to yield a more robust portrait of opinion and experience without prejudicing answers. We provide implicit reports that make results crystal clear.

Short surveys with precisely worded questions and a multitude of response formats enable RewardSurvey to cycle respondents through at a very high completion rate and get to the heart of what you need to know:

  • Who is your customer (the essential demographics)?
  • Are users leaving your site satisfied?
  • How do you stack up against your competitors?
  • What do people really think of your brand?
  • How are your consumer’s taste changings?
  • Is your investment on customer service achieving the measurable you require?

RewardSurvey has dynamic relationships with publishers and internet retail, services, and content developers. Our proprietary databases and strategic partnerships allow RewardSurvey to operate at an unparalleled level of efficiency. Simply put: We will not be beat on price or quality. Please contact us today with any questions or to ask about setting up a free survey for your customers or users: